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Azhar grand sheikh praises UAE for tolerance promotion

Dr. Ahmed Al Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar, praised the role of the UAE’s leadership in supporting the efforts to promote peace and tolerance.

He also affirmed the keenness of Al Azhar and the Muslim Council of Elders to support the efforts to achieve global peace and coexistence among peoples.

He made this statement on Thursday while stressing that the monetary value of the “Human Fraternity Award-Dar Zayed” he received from the UAE in February would be donated for charity.

The award was granted to Dr. Al Tayyeb and Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, for their joint efforts to spread global peace and coexistence, which was crowned by the signing of the Human Fraternity Document.

Dr. Al Tayyeb donated the cash prize of the award to the “Egyptian Zakat and Charity House,” which he chairs, as well as the Tahya Misr Fund and the children’s ward of the Orman Cancer Hospital in Luxor. The award will also pay off the debts of people in need and help many underprivileged people.

He expressed his appreciation for the role of Pope Francis in promoting dialogue and understanding between various cultures and religions.

Source: WAM

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