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“Attention Workers in The Dark Realms”

You are not forgotten.
Thank you Mariana van Zeller.
I call on you
I call on you.
We need your help.”

Angel NicGillicuddy
and V
and The Beast
sit in a small circle
focusing focusing
as the Moon approaches fullness.
with The Celestial Forces,
not good nor bad.

“We know there is the problem
with USURY
the same in The Developed world
as in the Underdeveloped world,
the same in Capitalism
as in Communism,
the same in The Dark Realms
as in The Light Realms,
the same below as above.

And we know what facilitates
in both
the world some of us are lucky to live in
the not so fortunate world.
To put it precisely
it is the US dollar
which drives usury to get worse and worse
in both worlds.

Can you imagine fixing this problem
in both worlds?

Mariana van Zeller
we call upon you
because we know that you
are in touch with the workers
in The Dark Realms
who want their dignity.

either part of
The Human Slave Trafficking business
or The Other so called Free World
the same
from the defective hoardable money;
getting worse and worse.

Both will see the effects of usury
when demurrage is declared
on The US dollar.

Evil may not ever go away completely
but when we begin using
The US dollar with demurrage
we will easily
be able to manage it.

There is the same problem of
Class Warfare
Civil unrest
and Division
in both the worlds
most think of as

Maria van Zeller
Maria van Zeller
please come to us.
Help us to deliver this important Message
to The Workers
in The Dark Realms.
And then
may The Message rise
up and into
The World above.”


And the three of them
become very still.
Being with the breathing.
In the mind
Mariana ? …

* For a clear explanation of usury see
the article called USURY,
published by this same site.

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