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ISIS arrests 54 people for espionage

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – Translated by Imen Khemiri–The Islamic State (ISIS) arrested 54 people, including women, in Mosul, in Nineveh Province in northern Iraq on charges of spying, according to a security source.
Ahmed Jabouri, a police officer in Nineveh, said that ISIS group arrested 54 inhabitants of Mosul and that there were women among them. The detainees were accused of spying “for securitary forces”, and most of them were subject to corporal punishment leading to amputation.
Jabouri added that the above named group crucified one of the detainees and tied his arms and feet , then they cut his hand, the one they claim was used to communicate and transfer information.
In a related context, Jabouri said that 7 members of ISIS were killed by an international coalition airstrike on a veterinary hospital in the Qayyarah region south of Mosul, used as a base by the group. The iraqi officer added that 6 members of ISIS were killed as well in a second airstrike on warehouses of the Ministry of Agriculture in the area, used by the group for storing weapons and gear.
In Salahaddin Province, a police officer declared that an improvised explosive device planted on the roadside in the village of Zarka west of Tooz District, exploded when a car carrying two officers belonging to the Peshmerga forces passed by, killing an officer and injuring another.
Since 2003, the Peshmerga forces are in charge of security in Tooz district belonging to Salahadddin province, and inhabited by a mix of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens. On June 10, 2014, ISIS took control of the city of Mosul and the Nineveh province before widening its control over large areas in the north, west and east of Iraq.

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