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Argentinian envoy joins Camel Trek through Empty Quarter

Argentina’s ambassador to the UAE on Tuesday joined the Camel Trek organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammad Heritage Centre (HHC), even camping overnight with other participants before heading into the desert on his own camel on Wednesday.

Fernando De Martini’s gesture is aimed at strengthening cultural cooperation between the UAE and Argentina.

This year, the Camel Trek began in the Empty Quarter in Abu Dhabi on January 17. It aims to cover 500km before culminating at the Heritage Village in Global Village on January 27.

De Martini said: “I read about this heritage trip in the newspapers during the weekend and decided to join. Before this, I have ridden a camel for a maximum of half an hour.”

He revealed that he wants to experience the “silence of the desert” and Emirati culture.

“Emirati people are part of the desert. So this trek shows what people did before, which is part of Emirati tradition — and tradition is the soul of all people. The Camel Trek is good way to understand a little more and to be closer to the Emirati culture,” De Martini said.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Hamdan Bin Dalmook, Chief Executive Officer at HHC, welcomed De Martini’s participation. “Participants travel in a camel caravan in the desert as our ancestors did in the past. This trek is considered an interaction between people in terms of adapting to a different environment for the purpose of acquaintance, communication and cultural interaction,” he said.

He pointed out such events are held to prevent the cultural heritage of the country from becoming extinct and to pass it on to new generations. “The beauty of camel riding dates back more than 70 years and the HHC is pleased to revive this experience away from cars and technology. We were able to begin the last quarter of the trek as planned since we covered 50km each day,” Dalmook said.

A special traditional ceremony will be held at the Heritage Village at the end of the 11-day journey expedition.

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