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Arab Parliament greets South American leaders for stance on Gaza

THE LEVANT – Speaker of the Arab Parliament has thanked the presidents of Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru and El Salvador, for taking measures against Israel in protest of its ongoing aggression on Gaza Strip.

“Your stance against Israel’s war on Palestinian children, women and elderly people in Gaza, Israel’s continuous violation of all international law and human rights laws, including the protection of civilians, and its brutal and ruthless war on the besieged Palestinian people just because of their demands for freedom and the establishment of their independent state, legitimised by all international laws, is certainly a stance that will be perpetuated by humanity as it comes amid this international collusion and unwillingness to stop these massacres in Gaza,” said Ahmed Mohamed Al Jarwan, the speaker of the pan-Arab parliamentary body in letters of thanks to the leaders of the five South American countries recenlty recalled their ambassadors from Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip.

“On behalf of the people of all Arab countries, the Arab Parliament expresses high esteem for your recent measures against Israel and confirms appreciation for your honourable stances which will remain a valuable addition to the fraternity and friendship with the peoples of your countries,”  Al Jarwan told the five South American leaders.

 According to CNN, Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge”, now at the end of its fourth week, has brought the death toll in Gaza Strip to 1831 Palestinians, most of them civilians and including 207 women and 398 children and 74 elderly people, and left thousands others injured, while at least 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians in Israel have been killed.

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