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Anti-Zionist Rabbis protest recent zealot Zionist insurgence on Al-Aqsa Mosque

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE –  The following is a letter written by the Neturei Karta, a Jewish organization which has systematically and tirelessly denounced Zionist Israel and call for the rights of all Palestinians to be restored.

Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, true to the Torah, stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, to protest the Zionist zealots – extreme right-wing, supposed “Orthodox Jews” – who have aggrieved the Muslim people and disrespected what is precious to them, the Al-Aqsa mosque.


It is crystal clear according to traditional Judaism that such an action is totally forbidden.



These Zionist zealots have attempted on many occasions to incite hatred between Jews and Arabs. These zealots are an ugly embodiment of Zionism, a movement rooted in insensitivity to others and predicated upon rebellion against the Creator.


The Zionist ideology and the State of “Israel” are forbidden according to the Torah, they cannot and do not represent Judaism or the Jewish people.


Judaism demands that the Jewish people live in peace and respect towards all people, regardless of their nationality. The history of the State of “Israel” is testimony to Zionism’s rejection of these Torah axioms. It is high time that world Jewry abandoned the heresy of Zionism and its path of bloodshed.


The Jewish people were sent into exile through a Divine decree. The attempt at revoking this state of exile by establishing a sovereign so-called Jewish state was and still remains in direct conflict with sacred Jewish Law and is a demonstration of defiance of the Almighty and His Torah. The State of “Israel” is a forbidden fruit.


Compounding this transgression, is the constant trampling on the rights of the Palestinians. Only through the complete dismantlement of the State of “Israel” and the reinstatement of Palestinian sovereignty over the Holy Land in its entirety, can true peace be achieved. We pray, through peaceful means.


In addition, it is noteworthy, that Jewish people for the past two thousand years, have respected the Jewish law and refrained from treading on the Temple Mount. Due to our present inability to accomplish the necessary ritual purification required by the Torah, it is a cardinal sin for a Jewish person to enter the holy Temple Mount. Only Zionists and their fellow heretics have the audacity to breach this awesome dictate of the Almighty.


Torah doctrine teaches that defiance of G-d cannot be successful. It follows that no real peace will eventuate as long as this forbidden fruit, the Zionist State of Israel, a blatant rebellion against G-d, continues to exist.


Traditional Jews have always opposed Zionism and the State of “Israel”. The unfortunate events of today have only serves to show to the world the righteousness of this position.




Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

New York


Rabbi Meir Hirsh



Rabbi Eliezer Hochhauser


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