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Angel and V Relaxing

“First The Deal
Then The Money …
That’s always the way it is,
and that’s the way it should be.
Now we have The Abraham Accords,
which is already expanding …
It’s time for the money
without which
The Historic and Spiritually assigned Accords
will deflate.

The very amazing Deals which have been
negotiated in these recent times
be very vulnerable and very jeopardized as long as we continue to use
The Globalist Trick Hoardable Money *
which ALWAYS
sneaks away
back into
The Dark Realms
where from
its owner holders
rule our Life
including the planet’s Life.

Holders (Hoarders)
simply because
can cash out
for any reason they choose to create and stir up.
Everyone else just reacts,
even The Federal Reserve
as it sits quite nervous in its seat right now.
But they will be OK too.
Their loan will even get paid back
in full.
Declaring demurrage on The US dollar
will break The Spell
of their
tele-hypnotic message. (September 16, 2020)

History is full of examples of
well intentioned “deals”
after which almost immediately begin to crumble because the deal was not allowed
to freely expand,
being cut off from funding
because the numbers were not in line
with the “guidelines”.
The Hoardable Leverage Money
slipped away and got hoarded
back on top
the massive accumulation which is ALWAYS
at hand
(to operate The Lever; The Money Lever)
and which is guarded by
The Huge Dragon
sleeping on top of it.
The Dragon can sleep
because it has practically everyone under it’s Spell.

But now The Dragon is being nudged.
Thank you President Trump and Team.
IT is stirring.
And causing something like an avalanche
of all of this mountain stash
of treasure, gold, silver
and cash paper US dollars.

I believe The Dragon may even leave its cave soon
for a very important meeting;
Shibboleth **

This time the hidden defect
in all of the long-term deals
will be purified.
The money will not be left
in the completely unnatural state
of hoardability;
able to have power OVER Nature,
including our own natural human instinct
to make peace.

* The words “hoardable, unhoardable and demurrage are not even understood by A.I.
Ask you phone to tell you what
“hoardable money is?
Or unhoardable money?
Or money with demurrage?
Don’t force type …
it does recognize the words,
but it doesn’t know what they mean.
This must be addressed
because it is affecting all of
The Economic Models.
However some people
don’t rely blindly on these models
thank you again President Trump and Team.

** Just search Shibboleth on this site.

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