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Banknotes from Haiti.

Angel Returns to Haiti

for another meeting
with Baron Samedi.
They meet in the same jungle cabina*
but this time a priest is with them.
I won’t reveal this priests name
but he is a Monsignor
and very familiar with church finances.
* see the articles entitled
Haiti Angel visits Baron
Project Demurrage Haiti

“Let’s just get to the point.” says angel.
“We are here to talk about church money with demurrage,
buyable ONLY
with paper US dollars.
It starts with the paper US dollars
which the church can directly access.
How much would you say that is Monsignor?
How many elderly people,
about to leave some inheritance,
are members of your church?
How much money would you say there is Monsignor, that is directly accessible
by the church?”

Monsignor replies after some thought….
“It could be …
well, let me just say,
even besides inheritance money,
the paper money could come pouring in
like a Great Flood,
more and more …
and more.”

Baron just states for the record:
“No questions asked.”

Angel continues:
“Church Money with demurrage
is given in exchange
for paper US dollars
presented by church members
or even just visitors.
Now who will except this money? …
Do you know how many more followers
the church has
than Bitcoin?!
And don’t you know
that there is ALREADY a network (brick and mortar) let’s call them church dispensaries,
much greater than Bitcoin.
which is much more developed
and much more powerful
than Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is nothing. No threat at all.
The Holy Catholic Church is.

We need your help Monsignor.
I think you understand
that what we are ultimately
talking about here
is making The Beast
not only disappearing
but in fact
having the exact opposite effects.
All the current effects

It is well known
that when unhoardable money
with demurrage
is used,
no matter how hard the forces of evil try,
only good will come of it.

But let us talk about it a little anyway,
just to keep us sharp
and not confused
like the others
who are under the spell
of hoardable money
and the interest system.

Let’s make sure
that we are clear
and focused
and not distracted
by trick talk.
that we are able
to see through
the illusion.

“He who has ears let him hear.”
(St. Matthew)
* “He”
is a translation.
It means much more than “male”
in the original quote.

And Baron steps into the conversation again
by surprise:
“More about that later.
For now,
what kind of gifts did you bring me
my dear?”

She replies:
“Don’t worry Baron my friend.
I got what you like.”
And she pulls out a bottle of brandy and some cigars.

Next …
The Shibboleth Hemp Model;
saving The Churches,
and their communities.
Stay tuned.

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