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Is The Alphabet Ship Sinking ?

Any news
about what Mr. Trump
and his very wise and influential friends
are doing
is forbidden for Alphabet channels
to discuss.
Because it would play into the hand
of Trump
as good advertising,
and the only advertising
which The Alphabet Ship allows
regarding Trump
is lawsuits and conflict;
lawyers, politicians, gossipmongers, troublemakers
for hire,
cash PAPER US dollars paid on the spot.

If The Alphabet Ship
allowed news about what Trump
and his friends are doing
each and every day
working, preparing, organizing
and making deals,
then that would HELP
Trump and his friends.
And in case you didn’t know
Trump is enemy to Alphabet
and their main stream
puppet channels.

But alas
on the horizon
a big ship
is coming to save the day;
National World,
and aboard this ship
all will be clear.

If all you ever saw was darkness
you wouldn’t know it is dark.
If he only form of money
which you ever knew
was hoardable
then you wouldn’t know
that your money is hoardable.
It’s a BIG problem.

To break this Spell
it is only necessary to know.
Learning about unhoardable money
with demurrage
gives you a background
upon which to compare
hoardable money.
It is the only way to know.
You must have something with which
to compare,
then you will see,
that the hoardable money
is a huge black cloud
upon the clear sky
which is
unhoardable money with demurrage.

Your guide
to help you break
The Spell

Angel NicGillicuddy

When The Spell is broke
you will see all that is happening,
which you never saw aboard
The Alphabet Ship;
News about
The Abraham Accords
The Florida Japan 2021 Summer Olympics
Abe, Trump deals (and The Emperor Naruhito too)
Florida going Corporate,
like Delaware; Biden’s home state.
The Trump Presidential Library
… stay tuned to

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