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Al Qassam Brigade hacks into Israeli TV broadcast – sends warning

EXCLUSIVE FOR The Levant – Al Qassam Brigade, the armed arm of the Hamas hacked into an Israeli TV broadcast on Friday, warning that it had a few surprised coming all Zionists’ way in response to the atrocities committed the Israeli military against the people of Gaza.

While the move was as expected played down by Israel, such a technological coup has nevertheless rattled Tel Aviv, as many officials have been left to wonder by surprises the group might have in store for them.

Al Qassam Brigade said in a communiqué that they gained control of the Israeli Channel between three o’clock and half past three in the morning on Friday and broadcasted a message aimed to intimidate and sow fear in Israelis’ heart.

So far Israel has slaughtered 102 people in Gaza, among whom many women in children. Outrage and anger have been pouring from all Arab countries and more broadly from the international community as once again the world witnesses Israel’s murderous tendencies.


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