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Anti-Zionist Jews to Protest Against Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

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THE LEVANT – As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrives in Washington this week to address Congress, a group of Orthodox Jews will be on hand to protest against him and against his state, and to decry his warmongering tactics.
The protesters will demonstrate on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 outside the Capitol building.
8:00 – 11:00 am: Upper Senate Park on the north side of the Capitol Building, in the center area near Constitution Ave.
4:00 – 6:00 pm: in front of the US Capitol Building (on the West Lawn)
“The Israeli Prime Minister comes to Washington to speak supposedly in the name of all Jews, as if world Jews have elected him to act on their behalf,” said Rabbi Dovid Feldman, one of the organizers of the protest. “He and his state pretend to be the protectors and guardians of all Jews. We are here to tell the world that it isn’t so. Actually, the State of Israel with its policies and actions endangers Jews, both within its borders and around the world.
“In this case, Netanyahu is coming here against the wishes of the American President, with the express purpose of undermining the President’s peace efforts and pushing America toward war with Iran. For Jewish people to attempt to dictate American policy in this way is totally against the teachings of the Torah.
“Besides, true Jews the world over always opposed the philosophy of Zionism: that Jews should establish their own sovereign state. The Torah teaches that Jews are in exile and are forbidden to have any sovereignty at all. Thus, the State of Israel cannot rightfully call itself a Jewish state. And they don’t even have the right to use the name Israel, the name of the Jewish people.
“These reasons would be enough to oppose Netanyahu and his state. Our religious Torah opposition is only compounded when we consider that the Israelis are occupying the land of another people, the Palestinians, whom they brutally expelled 67 years ago. They have never allowed them back and continue to oppress those Palestinians remaining in their borders to this day.
“When the state was established, all the greatest Rabbis opposed it, and warned that it would lead only to tragedies. One could expect nothing else from such a large-scale transgression of the Torah.
“For a hundred years, the Zionists have brought nothing but fighting and bloodshed to the Middle East. And they haven’t had enough – Netanyahu wants another war. And after all that, he has the nerve to come begging America for help in continuing the fight that he and his predecessors ignited.
“The masses of Orthodox Jews true to the Torah worldwide are for peace with all nations. The significantly large Orthodox Jewish communities residing within the Zionist state itself also exactingly follow this path; their only wish is to pursue a life of study, prayer and servitude to the Almighty in the Holy Land. They staunchly refuse to be drafted into the Israeli army.
“Therefore we have come to say: Netanyahu doesn’t speak in the name of world Jewry!
His insulting behavior toward the President is not in the name of world Jewry!
His warmongering against Iran is not in the name of world Jewry!

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