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Aden security chief praises UAE support

Aden’s Security Department yesterday inaugurated ‘Section 1’ and correctional centre at the Mansoura Central Prison.

Many human rights and civil society organisations attended the event. Brigadier General Shalal Shaya, Aden’s Security Director thanked the UAE for its support, which was involved in the rebuilding and maintenance of the prison.

Aden Security Department’s move came as part of a development programme to rebuild infrastructure with the aim of establishing security and stability in accordance with the highest human rights standards.

General Shaya said the inauguration of the prison and the correctional centre comes within the framework of an infrastructure rebuilding programme aimed at establishing security and stability. “This move follows the construction of a new prison and a school. A well-equipped medical clinic was also set up at the correctional centre of Mansoura Prison in Bir Ahmad.

General Shaya said attempts to attach roles to the UAE other than just supporting maintenance work are no more than desperate, baseless measures. The presence of a number of human rights and civil society organisations during the opening ceremony was the best evidence that local authorities in Aden have nothing to hide in this regard, and that prison management is subject only to the security department of Aden, General Shaya added.

He also said the UAE’s role in the rehabilitation and maintenance of the prison came in the context of Operation Restoring Hope.

He stressed that strikes by the coalition-backed security forces against terrorist organisations in Aden and other cities have targeted the supporters of these organisations, and this led to them distorting the humanitarian role the UAE has played in Yemen.

The UAE has provided support to the Aden Security Department, including vehicles and rebuilding of police stations, given that many of the city’s facilities were destroyed by the Al Houthi militia.

Source: Gulf News

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