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Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas (R) leaves with his top aide, Nabil Abu Rudeina (2nd L), at the end of the opening session of the Arab Summit in Damascus on March 29, 2008. Abbas accused Israel of splitting the Palestinian territories into isolated cantons to prevent the creation of a state despite its pledge to peace efforts. AFP PHOTO/AWAD AWAD (Photo credit should read AWAD AWAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Abu Rudeineh: PLO has buried all attempts to create alternative leadership

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, said on Saturday that the Palestinian people and its leadership have buried all plots against our national project and attempts to establish an alternative or local leadership as well as attempts to divide the Palestinian national ranks.

“The PLO has always faced many difficult conditions in which some parties tried to set up alternative axes for the legitimate leadership. This includes the attempt by Israel to cooperate with the United States to establish an alternative leadership for the PLO to eliminate the Palestinian national project,” said Abu Rudeineh in a press statement.

He continued, “The positions of the Palestinian people and their support for their historical leadership were a decisive factor in achieving victory in the battles fought by the PLO to defend the independent national decision and to adhere to our legitimate goals of establishing our independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

“All suspicious policies and projects were also abolished. [These policies and projects] now come in the form of ideas for a regional security system, even though US policymakers are not quite sure what to do about the entire Middle East.”

Abu Rudeineh said, “Israel and other have realized that the Palestinian people will not be defeated by military force, and that the PLO, by preserving the Palestinian national identity, believes in adopting national strategies for our people to realize their hopes and aspirations for freedom and independence.”

“The convening of the Palestinian National Council on the land of Palestine is a new chapter in the history of Palestine in the battle for survival that has not yet come to an end, despite the inequality in regional and international balance,” he remarked.

“What is required of the Palestinians now is to uphold the supreme national interest of the Palestinian people, which is to consolidate the pillars of the PLO and not to compromise on the basic principles of our national cause, because reckless positions will not stand and will disappear due to the steadfastness of our people on its land.”

Source: WAFA

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