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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange brings out new tick sizes

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has launched trading with a new tick size for stocks of companies with a price of less than Dh1. This follows a successful testing of all internal systems, and technical and operational procedures relevant to operating tick sizes.
The new tick sizes consist of five units: Dh0.0001 for shares within the price range of Dh0.10 to 0.99; Dh0.01 for a price range of Dh1 to Dh9.99; Dh0.02 for a price range of Dh10 to Dh49.98; Dh0.05 for shares within Dh50 to Dh99.95, and Dh0.10 for shares at Dh100 and above.

“Introducing the upgrade on the tick size will further enhance the pricing model, as well as strengthen market liquidity by providing greater value to current and future investors,” said Rashed Al Beloushi, chief executive of the ADX.
This was done based on a detailed study conducted at the beginning of the year until mid-May of listed companies’ performance and market trading activity.
At the time of the study, there were 17 companies listed on the ADX with a share value of less than Dh1, with their value of trading reaching Dh3 billion, representing 23 per cent of the total trading value on the exchange at the time.

Source: Gulf News

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