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Abu Dhabi Police studying use of AI at pedestrian crossings

The Abu Dhabi Police are carrying out a comprehensive study on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) at pedestrian crossings with the goal of enhancing safety.

Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Daheri, director of Operations Sectors, said that Abu Police are keen to use all available resources to improve the safety on roads in Abu Dhabi, including the application of AI. He highlighted the growing number of pedestrians on the streets of the capital as one of the main reasons for wanting to improve safety.

Brigadier Dr Mohammad Abdullah Al Za’abi, deputy director of the Information and Communications Systems Centre in the Field of Leadership, said the implementation of new technologies such as AI is among the top priorities for the Abu Dhabi Police, and that the study would help in coming up with best practices for improving pedestrian safety.

Aspects of the study will look at using AI systems to monitor pedestrian crossings, and to also place cameras to give a visual of the crossing, and the ability to take down vehicle licence plate numbers.

Source: Gulf News



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