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Abu Dhabi establishes ‘Together’ Community Contributions Authority

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued as Ruler of Abu Dhabi a law on establishing the Community Contributions Authority “Ma’an” (Together).

The law has stipulated that the authority has an independent legal personality and enjoys the complete legal capacity for management and it follows the Department of Community Development.

According to this law, the authority will specialise in collecting monetary and in-kind contributions offered by government bodies, institutions and authorities, the private sector and individuals as part of their responsibility towards the community, to be spent or directed to serve the community, in addition to building and developing an integrated system for community service work, which will include mechanisms to provide financial and non-financial support such as offering expertise and training, and caring for, establishing and developing establishments which aim to serve the community.

The authority’s competencies include activating social responsibility in the emirate by creating solutions and innovative projects to serve the community, alongside developing and placing frameworks of cooperation between the government bodies, the private sector, and civil society institutions, including placing frameworks and contractual models for projects which have a social service aspect and following their implementation. The authority will also work to strengthen the awareness of social needs and services and the community’s contribution in coordination with the relevant bodies.

The law stipulated that the department has created and developed the opportunities for participation and volunteer community work in the private sector in coordination with the relevant bodies, and established and managed a portfolio which aims to attract community contributions from different sources, and investing them in community projects which contribute to confronting the social challenges and needs, in coordination with the relevant bodies.

The authority also works on strengthening the principles of tolerance and social responsibility through awareness programmes and community contribution programmes with the relevant bodies and establishing partnerships with the local, federal and international community institutions and bodies in all the fields related to its goals.

Source: WAM

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