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Abbas will ask Trump for help to liberate the Palestinians in Israeli prisons


THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE – By Jasmi Rasheed — Palestinian sources told The Levant News that the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is scheduled to meet the US President Donald Trump on 3 May 2017. Abbas will insist on the right of the Palestinian people to reward its prisoners until their release from Zionist prison.

The sources noted that in recent weeks an aggressive campaign was launched, blaming the chairman for promoting terrorism by way of forwarding funds to prisoners incarcerated in the prisons of the Zionist Occupation.

The support granted by Abbas for prisoners is to be a major topic in the coming meeting with the US President, and according to these sources, Abbas has no intention of withdrawing his support for the prisoners.  Moreover, he will request the engagement of President Trump for the release of all prisoners currently incarcerated in the prisons of the Zionist Occupation.

In addition, the sources delivered that the media-based pressure of the Zionist Occupation will have no influence on the position of chairman Abbas, since in his view, these prisoners are Palestine’s freedom fighters sacrificing their life for the foundation of an independent and unified Palestine.

The sources said that the PA leaders are holding vigorous discussions on this topic, raising the concern that Abbas’ firm position may interfere with Trump’s willingness to comply with other requests, which are of equal importance; inter alia, Palestinian self-determination, withdrawal from occupied territories, economic support for the Palestinian venture and assistance concerning the inner reconciliation with Hamas.

The Palestinian officials disputing this position believe that coming to a meeting with a US president with a firm and unyielding position may jeopardize the efficiency of the meeting.

The sources said that the Palestinian public support Abbas’ position on prisoners. Yet, they also look forward to the announcement of the declaration of Palestinian independence and a significant improvement in the quality of their life.

The sources noted that a delegation of Palestinian senior officials are currently in the USA to coordinate and prepare the meeting. They will present Abbas with their views prior to his meeting with President Trump.

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