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Angel has disappeared.
She gave me directions in a message
which she left on my phone.
“Go to the big church with the dragon;
Washington National Cathedral.
Taped to the underside
of the pew in the front row far left
you’ll find a note from me.
Take a picture of it
and then tape the note
to the mural of The Dragon.

Here’s what the note said:
that paper US dollars
can be hoarded,
and cause prices to fall,
or hurled onto the market
like a bolt from the blue
and cause a BOOM.
The paper US dollars also have the power to destroy ( in the widest sense)
so that there becomes a shortage
of real capital
Homes, Factories and Ships
(again these words meant
in their widest sense)
Never mind that there is a huge
invisible supply of paper money
which can easily cause diversion
and Hollywood.

And all of this can be done
invisibly. Why?
Because NOBODY
can say who has
or where is
the biggest hoard
of cash Paper US dollars.
to trace
or to freeze
or to tax
or to manage.
Huge amounts of money are wasted trying.

The Two Edged Sword *
Reference the books of Shibboleth,
A Tale of Two Secret Passwords and Money
and Angel NicGillicuddy
have everyone silent,
like they are all in a church.

Save yourselves;
Declare demurrage on The US dollar,
which will free the money
into circulation.

And the other edge of this Sword
is about The Land;
it must also be freed from captivity (ownership) *
All the details of which are fully explained in
The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell

All of The Ransom (interest)
will be easily paid
when demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.

From the times of The American Civil War and before,
the cause of slavery
is hoardable Money.
It is NOT
race, religion, culture
or any of the other which is what
The Invisible Hand or Enemy
would like you to keep believing.
Divide and Conquer
is a very old strategy.
Even Jesus experienced it.

Joe Biden;
if you want to unite,
declare demurrage
on the US dollar.

waiting to happen
Trump Money with demurrage
or else
Church Money with demurrage.
And I’m not talking about crypto currency.

Anybody who still thinks the problem
is racial or religious
or communism versus capitalism,
I invite you to comment.

I have been kidnapped
and taken to
Omshola *
Reference the book
by Frank Rosewater
( Marion and Franklin Mayoe )

I am aware of the other Omshola

Angel NicGillicuddy

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