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72 Hour Ceasefire Announced in Darayya

THE LEVANT – The Syrian Arab Army and representatives of the Islamic Front have agreed to a 72 hour ceasefire in the Darayya District, after heavy clashes  the last two days. The ceasefire was called in order for the two parties to negotiate a reconciliation agreement that would permanently end the violence and restore order in the district. Similar to previous trends, the Syrian Arab Army will offer general amnesty to the Syrian rebel fighters that have not committed crimes against the Syrian people. The rebels will likely have to give-up their heavy weaponry and turn-in their foreign fighters.

In the past, reconciliation has proven effective, as displaced civilians were able to return to their homes without the fear of violence looming in their neighborhoods. For many citizens in the Rif Dimashq Governate, electricity has become a scarcity due to downed power lines and destruction of their homes; this attempted reconciliation could pave the way for life to return in the once prosperous Darayya District. Darayya is known for its lucritive businesses and agriculture that promote trade and commerce in Syria.

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