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People around the world are wearing a mask while travelling (picture courtesy of Getty)

5 ways coronavirus will change the future of travel

Coronavirus has changed the lives of people around the world. Staying safe from this contagious disease has become a priority. Gradually, people are also learning to follow a lifestyle that minimizes the risk of spread. Since social distancing and quarantining is an inseparable part of our new life, it will change some of our habits for good. There are high chances that when we walk out of the pandemic situation, most of us will have a fresh approach towards how we choose to interact in public.

By Rebecca Siggers
So, all businesses will have to work their way up to meet new demands of the changing times. The hospitality sector is one of the most hit industries, and we are sure to witness some major changes in it. Apart from, keeping up with safety and healthcare guidelines, we anticipate the travel industry catering to these emerging needs.

Insurance First
The unpredictable nature of the disease, reporting of the returning symptoms, and asymptomatic conditions have left us all in a state of confusion. Even long after the virus is gone, travellers would still look for travel policies that could offer them anytime cancellation or changes in the plans.

Some of these policies may even cost 40 % more than the regular ones but travellers will be willing to spend that extra money to get full insurance coverage. Likewise, they would prefer service vendors, agencies, hotels, and flights that offer enough flexibility to cancel or plan modulations at the last moment.

Safety While Commuting
More conscious of their surroundings and environment, many travellers are making safer choices. To meet the client’s safety demands, the travel companies will have to go the extra mile to offer contactless and safer alternatives to documentation and check-ins. Likewise, travellers would not mind picking facilities that might be expensive but offer safety.

To minimise the point of contact many people have expressed their interest in going local than any long-distance travel. Avoiding the rush on airports, people will mostly commute by personal or private vehicles. For the time being, we may notice more people embarking on weekend getaways in a well-equipped travel camper with a roof rack basket. Safety, while leisure traveling will be of great importance and travelers, will look for flexible and spacious travel options.

Offbeat Destination Travel
Not so popular destinations will entice travellers as they will prefer low population density regions to keep social distancing norms even when situations get normal. Places that open doors to experience marvels of nature, forests, and landscapes will be the new hype. We might even witness less interest in shopping and party destinations. People may completely ditch conventional crowded sightseeing, and take a tour in solitude.

As an extension of this trend, travellers may also prefer off-season travel to avoid the rush. Many explorers have been holding back their travel urge for a long time. Therefore, adrenaline-packed adventure trips will continue to attract them.

Many not so popular destinations that are not yet commercial, and still offer exquisite vibes will enchant travellers and experience a boon. So, offbeat places will offer untapped opportunities to the entire industry. The mere recognition of such a destination and channelling the apt resources to tap the potential can bring a lot of fortune to businesses.

Broadened Traveller’s Demographics
The heavy toll that coronavirus took on the lives of millions left us with a feeling of uncertainty. People are eager to fulfil their travel desires and no longer willing to subside their dream travel plans. Staying home for months also gave people time and opportunity to contemplate and detail their travel plans.

So, post corona times, there will be an increase in the number of Solo trips. We will observe people of broader age-groups interested in checking off their bucket list. Travel restriction eases down, people will gradually regain confidence, and markets will throttle with greater demands to flexible and age-specific travel facilities.

Staycation with the Family
Social distancing and isolation have refrained people from meeting family and loved ones. So, an urge to spend blissful quality time with loved ones will encourage multi-generational travelling. Keeping in mind the health and safety of private groups, staycation will offer a great opportunity to connect.

Travelling within social circles will be further strengthened by hotels and tour companies offering discounts, cash backs, and coupons for bulk booking. In-home cooking experiences at an exclusive property will be a more appealing option than busier hotels and restaurants. Properties that are private and only open for small groups will attract travellers who are willing to splurge on holidays.

The Bottom Line
Safety, along with flexibility, are two important factors travellers are seeking in their travel plans. Coronavirus has brought many little yet significant changes in the industry. Whether it is temperature screening at the airport or liberal cancellation policy, these trends are here to stay even long after the disease vanishes. There has been a huge shift in travellers’ attitudes as well; the eye for the details and awareness of the surroundings will continue to be on their mind forever.

Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, She loves travelling and reading.

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