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5 Legitimate Reasons You Should Book A Massage Right Now

THE LEVANT NEWS By Julee Wilson — Keep calm and get a massage!

If that isn’t already on a T-shirt, it should be. Relaxing is easier said than done, and taking the extra step to book a massage can add even more stress. However, let’s not forget all the glorious benefits of a good rub down — like helping you get a good night’s rest and quelling symptoms of depression.

We reached out to Rachelle Richardson, founder and CEO of Lespri Spa Services — which provides holistic massage, facials and other wellness treatments at your home or workplace — to give us five quick reasons why we should all book a massage ASAP.

  1. To reduce stress

Stress reduction can help lower high blood pressure. Lower stress levels can also lead to the ability to cope with difficult situations.

  1. To boost your immune system

Swedish massage techniques increases blood flow and push nutrient-rich blood toward the heart. It can increase blood proteins, which help protect the body from infection.

  1. To help ward off symptoms of depression

Massages help increase serotonin, the chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance. Its effect on lowering stress levels can promote a positive attitude.

  1. To reduce the effects of a long commute and/or hours of sitting at a desk

Driving or sitting at a desk for an extended amount of time can cause your back muscles to become weak. Massage can alleviate the pain associated with the aches and pain that result.

  1. To have a positive effect on job performance

Massages can increase mental alertness. They also lower your chance to develop stress related illnesses and decrease absenteeism.

*Julee Wilson is a Senior Fashion Editor at The Huffington Post.

Source: The Huffington Post

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