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Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee

The Levant Exclusive -Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that “Hezbollah is ready and prepared for a confrontation in the Galilee and beyond the Galilee,” during an interview that will be broadcast on the Pan Arab Al Mayadeen network on Thursday night.

“We are prepared for all that a war with Israel necessitates,” says Nasrallah. In the past, Nasrallah has threatened that his fighters “will conquer the Galilee.”

In the interview, the leader of Hezbollah says, “Every attack against Syria will not be left without a response from the axis of resistance (Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria).”

“We have weapons that can bring us a victory against any type of Israeli aggression,” he said. “Hezbollah’s fighting ability was not harmed and if Israel relies on such, it is making a huge mistake.”

“Israel is looking for a quick and decisive victory in every future war and this is impossible,” Nasrallah added.

Last week, Nasrallah commented on the attack against the Charlie Hebdo satirical paper in Paris. “Terror organizations (IS and Al-Qaeda) harmed the prophet in a way that has not been done in all of history. They harmed the prophet more than his enemies who drew cartoons and produced videos harming him. Those same organizations harmed the prophet with their shameful actions. When heads are decapitated and thousands are massacred and it is published in media outlets, and when thousands in Yemen are killed while they mark the birthday of the prophet – is this designed to protect the religion of the prophet?”

Yemen’s top al-Qaeda leader claimed responsibility for the attack on Charlie Hebdo in a video message that was aired on Wednesday.

Regarding the Syrian war, Nasrallah said he had met top Syrian opposition official Haytham Manna as well as other anti-Assad figures in a bid to help end the four-year-old war raging in the country.
“I had already met, besides Syrian dissident Haytham Manna, a number of other opposition [officials] in an effort to contribute to a political solution to the Syrian crisis,” Nasrallah said in excerpts from a wide-ranging interview with pan-Arab satellite channel Al-Mayadeen.

The long interview with Ghassan Bin Jeddo is scheduled to be broadcasted Thursday evening.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee
Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee

Manaa is a Syrian writer and human rights activist who helped create and become spokesperson of the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC), one of the two main opposition groups active in the uprising that turned into a full-fledged bloody conflict.

Nasrallah revealed that a certain country involved in the Syria crisis has informed Russia of its readiness to accept any deal to end the conflict, “including the survival of the regime,” provided that Syrian President Bashar Assad is removed from power.”

That country, according to Nasrallah, does not mind that Assad be succeeded by a new president from the same Alawite sect to which Assad belongs.

Nasrallah denied that Hezbollah fighters were militarily exhausted in Syria.

“Contrary to what the enemy thinks,” Nasrallah warned, “the resistance is fully ready in southern [Lebanon], and is ready to face any possibility.”

In the interview, Nasrallah will name a powerful country he says is supporting ISIS jihadis in Syria and Iraq. Nasrallah in previous speeches had denounced Saudi Arabia and Turkey over their roles in the Syrian conflict, accusing them of backing extremists.

On Lebanon, Nasrallah renewed support for Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun’s presidential bid.

“Any talk on the presidential election must be with the general [Aoun],” Nasrallah stressed.

Nasrallah also praised former Prime Minister Saad Hariri for engaging in dialogue with Hezbollah despite opposition by some Future Movement officials.

A third round of Hezbollah-Future talks is set for Friday.

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