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The 2nd Shibboleth Dead of Winter Meeting Planned

Last year’s main topic was
The First Free-Money Bank.
This year the main topics will be
Building Golden Towers Communities
The Cannabis Industry (and its healing properties for ALL Life
including us and The Environment)
and also
more about using unhoardable money
with demurrage.

Using The US dollar with demurrage
compared to using
US dollar
will have the result that
LESS and less money is required
and MORE and more work
is able to be done.
There is no hesitation referring to
the cycles of BOOMs and Recession
no matter what rumor or gossip headlines.
In fact,
what bad news could there possibly be
with demurrage is used?

The UBI with demurrage
will be part of this plan.
More about this in the article entitled
More about Unhoardable Money

The Return on Investment
will NOT be vulnerable to the usual
20 to 30 years
of very unstable unpredictable
economic conditions.
There will NOT be the usual
recession periods; “hold ups” as they say
in The Days of The Wild West,
where workers’ savings
are used up, sadly spent,
and then “vacuumed up” (robbed)
by you know who.

The complete business outline
can be seen
in the children’s books
Shibboleth A Tale of Two Secret Passwords and Money by Russell Morris.
Updates found under the header
on this website.

It is wished
that The Shibboleth Meeting
will be hosted by
Baron Hotels Egypt.
Egypt is a very special place
regarding the history and origin
of money
and so Egypt should be the place
where money is purified
by declaring demurrage on IT *

Of course all of this is pending approval by
Kabir Mulchandani. ?
The Stars and the Planets
are with us.

Invited already are:
The Mulchandini Family
including children,
The Trumps
The Kushners and all the hard workers involved in
The Abraham Accords
And the family of the new fiancé
of Tiffany Trump;
Michael Boulos and Family.

The DAVOS Message
is about Trust?
More religious
than economic,
with no scientific concept at all
about Money.
This year I predict the attention
will not be there.
For the real
helpful discussion,
see you at
The Shibboleth Meeting.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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  1. Angel NicGillicuddy

    Shibboleth also means
    a password.
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