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Donald Trump in Scotland at his Turnberry golf resort.

President Trump goes to Scotland

“Let me tell it please.” says V.
Angel NicGillicuddy
is with her friend V,
once a slave
in The Human Slave Trafficking business.

“Because there,
according to The Journal
of Beatrix Potter,
you have strong and very wealthy people who have known there is a big problem with main stream media
for a long time.
This problem goes all the way back
even to the time of Jesus,
when the gossip machine
was even back then
funded and controlled by
The Cash Mob Elite.
Some may call them
The Establishment
and their puppets or disciples
(there’s a bunch of them,
many don’t even know it).
But these days
they are
The Trillion Dollar Club,
where it costs $1 trillion cash
to be a member player
and where all members and their families
will NEVER have to work at all again
at all.
That is
as long as the money
like The US dollar.

Trump is now a member
(this was explained in a previous article)
and The Trillion Dollar Club
is very nervous.
Because President Trump
holds the trump card
and knows how and when to use it;
The Real Trump Card
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.

The other players in The Trillion Dollar Club include:
The Entertainment Empire,
along with it’s whore
The Mainstream Media
and the whipping boy
Big Tech.

The Shipping Empire
along with their
Vikings (Terrorists)

and Three,
The Devil
who was right there in the beginning
when “money” was newly presented
on this planet.
He/She knew
that this money had a defect
which could be used later to feed
The Beast;
The defect is …
the money is hoardable.
Our money is hoardable.
And this is the one thing which he/she
The Devil
will not allow to be mentioned.

And now
thanks to Silvio Gesell
the solution
that will cure this defect
is known.
And President Trump is very aware of it;
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
The Natural Economic Order.

President Trump is going to Scotland
for a very special meeting about this.
Beatrix Potter would be so very interested
in this.
If she were alive she would be watching
this meeting very closely
and cheering for
President Trump
to play
The Demurrage Card,
so that the money decays
like everything else NATURAL,
so that money does not have any
special privilege
over nature.
And so that the people who hold
huge amounts of cash Paper US dollars
and secretly use this money
as a mysterious
black magic leverage device
to manipulate everything like puppets …
so that these cheaters
playing in The Trillion Dollar Club
do NOT have power
over nature.
Attention environmentalists and humanitarians.

And remember this,
Trump is NOT one of the cheaters.
He uses his money to build and create,
and to do just the kinds of things
which are done naturally
when money carries demurrage
or holding charges.
Things like paying the worker
in advance
for the actual product,
for example vaccinations.
There is a huge difference between this
and waiting for a loan to be approved
by the money holders.

Trump’s business
is about taking care of people; accommodating them
and helping them to be

to TRUMP.”

V finishes her explanation.
And then holds up her cup for a toast.

Angel joins her,
“To King Trump,

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