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WFP to aid Yemen destitutes

THE LEVANT – The World Food Program – WFP – announced on Sunday working to provide aid to six million impoverished Yemenis over the next two years.

“We want to help [Yemeni] people help themselves,” Bishow Parajuli, WFP project director, said in a statement.

He added that the WFP’s upcoming project will include plan to deliver in-kind aid, cash injections and school lessons on preventing malnutrition.

A recent survey by the WFP labeled 10.5 million Yemenis, 43% of the population, as food insecure.

According to the survey, some four and a half million Yemenis were unable to buy or produce the food they need, and six million are “moderately” food insecure.

Yemen’s economic woes have been exacerbated by political turmoil since pro-democracy protests forced autocratic president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down in 2012 after 33 years in power.

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