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logo11Independent Media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do – Amy Goodman


The Levant was established in June 2014 by a group of like-minded journalists, analysts, and researchers with an interest for the Middle East. A much talked about region of the world, the Middle East has suffered much injustice when it comes to the media, as bias, prejudices and political motivations have clouded and perverted what should have been a balanced and realistic account of the truth.

At The Levant our duty is to the truth, the essence of journalism.

We intend bring our readers a piece of the Middle East to their lives. Unapologetic in our coverage, we will remain free from all bias, even if it means ruffling a few feathers along the way. As we all know the truth often generates anger,  especially in the Middle East where politics and policies are so entangled in one another that realities quite literally get lost in translation.

Our angle is regional. We want you, our readers, to see things from locals’ perspective – not a reflection of your understanding of the region but how life is on the ground.

Our journey is one of true and profound love for the Middle East and its people – beyond cultural, sectarian and political barrier.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

For Any further information, you can email us at thelevantfirm@gmail.com or call us at +961 70 448661

The Editorial Team:

Executive editor-in-chief: Arthur Blok

Managing Editor: Dr. Emad Aysha


  1. Russell Morris

    I have written a children’s book ( for adults too) about “how money functions” based upon the teachings of Silvio Gesell. It is called “ShiBboLeTh” and there is a chapter devoted to The Levant Region which is titled “Camel Through the Eye of The Needle”. I would like to send it to you by email. Mine is “insideanatom@gmail.com” It is very timely information to begin a new kind of discussion about money. Especially since The G20 meeting was held in Argentina. We have already begun the discussion on twitter ( @insideanatom ) and I have been corresponding with President Trump about it since his inauguration.
    It will be fresh air for you and it may even help you to see The Levant in a way you have never known.
    I am at your service,
    Angel NicGillicuddy

  2. Angel NicGillicuddy

    Could The U.S. become
    the next Levant Region?
    It will be a sure thing
    When we begin using
    $$$ with Demurrage.
    On course to break the chain
    That bounds US to
    The Central Banks
    And their hoardable money;
    The secret device
    which evil uses
    to stir every kind of conflict it can.
    This time we will not be distracted.
    With lazer focus
    and strength The US will lead the way
    For all the other nations to join
    If they want. No enforcement
    will be necessary.
    Economic borders ( nothing to do with a wall )
    Will dissolve
    And we will have peace.
    Without Civil peace
    International peace is impossible.
    Two countries with Civil peace ( domestic peace )
    Will never be at war with each other.
    The US goal is for Civil peace.
    To show the way for the other nations to join.
    No enforcement will be necessary.
    However, The Beast will not want
    to give up its massive hoards of CASH.
    It’s power.
    And it will try to stir up
    as much conflict as possible
    in order to distract us.
    For this reason DEFENSIVE military presence
    In each country is important.
    We are all standing at the opening
    Of The Money Gate.
    Using money with Demurrage
    our passage will be assured.
    Hoardable money = fear
    Un-hoardable money = conscious Transformation

  3. Russell Morris

    Why no more comments by
    Angel NicGillicuddy ?

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