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Secretary of State for Defence visits Wiltshire based soldiers ahead of NATO exercise in Eastern Europe SEEN; With soldiers from 1 Royal Welsh. The Secretary of State (SofS) for Defence, the Right Honourable Michael Fallon MP, today (Friday 12 September 2014) visited Wiltshire based soldiers ahead of an upcoming NATO exercise in Eastern Europe. Mr Fallon, who was appointed as SofS in July 2014, met The King’s Royal Hussars (KRH) in Tidworth Camp, as it conducted preparations to deploy on EXERCISE BLACK EAGLE in Poland from late October to early December. It was an opportunity for the Secretary of State for Defence to be introduced to vehicles such as the Challenger Two Main Battle Tank and the KRH crews who operate and maintain them. He also met personnel from 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh (1 R WELSH), who are also based in Tidworth, and operate with the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle. Ex BLACK EAGLE is a bi-lateral UK / Polish exercise and is a significant demonstration of the UK’s support to the region and NATO’s Immediate Assurance Measures. The UK will be deploying the Kings Royal Hussars (KRH), the UK’s Lead Armoured Battlegroup, which is a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank regiment. The Battle-group will total approximately 1300 personnel, 100 armoured vehicles and 250 other vehicles and will be the UK’s biggest armoured deployment in Eastern Europe since 2008. The vehicles to note are 20 x Challenger 2, and 30 x Warriors. 1 R WELSH, which is providing personnel and vehicles to the exercise, is the Lead Armoured Infantry Battalion in the British Army, a new concept in Army 2020, which sees the Battalion regularly deploy to BATUS in Canada for training in order to remain at Full Operating Capability. The battalion is equipped with the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle, enabling it to move swiftly around the battlefield delivering troops to the heart of the battle. Pic - Richard Watt

UK defense minister Fallon resigns, citing past behavior

British defense minister Michael Fallon resigned from his position on Wednesday saying he accepted his conduct in the past had fallen below high standards.

Fallon was named in an a newspaper article earlier this week which said he had touched a radio presenter’s knee in 2002.

The BBC reported on Monday that Fallon’s spokesman said he had apologized for the incident at the time. The presenter tweeted that she considered the matter closed.

After sexual abuse allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein prompted hundreds of thousands of women and men to share stories about inappropriate behavior, Britain’s parliament – a bastion of tradition – has been no exception.

Earlier on Wednesday British Prime Minister Theresa May said action would be taken when there were allegations and evidence of sexual misconduct.

“I am very clear that we will take action against those where there are allegations that we see, and the evidence is there, that there has been misconduct,” she told lawmakers.

Source: Reuters

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