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UAE’s Angel Rising Investor Education Symposium slotted for 23 March

The fifth edition of its Angel Rising Investor Education Symposium will take place on 23rd March, under the theme, ‘Looking East: The New Digital Silk Road and the Future of the Global Technology Order’.

Hosted by startAD at NYU Abu Dhabi, Angel Rising will highlight the UAE’s role in shaping the future of the global economy with the emergence of new technologies and markets in China, India, and Africa. It is organised under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Economy, and in partnership with VentureSouq.

Commenting on the symposium, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, said, “The UAE has been one of the leading countries in asserting the importance of building strategic partnerships for new markets that depend on advanced technology to support startups in the promising markets of China, India and Africa. I also appreciate the efforts of all strategic partners at Angel Rising, whose timing is highly appropriate as several major projects and initiatives will be launched to achieve the greater cooperation between startup companies and leading entrepreneurs around the world.”

The symposium will welcome a number of renowned investors and experts.

For his part, NYU Abu Dhabi Vice Provost for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Associate Dean of Engineering, and startAD Managing Director Ramesh Jagannathan, said, “The stage seems set for what is perhaps the greatest entrepreneurial challenge yet, cultivating a class of innovative and visionary startups for the three billion middle class consumers from China, India, and Africa. These consumers need new businesses to solve their unique challenges.”

“The advent of the 21st Century digital silk road has the UAE poised to play a key role in shaping the future of the global economy by paving strategic corridors for technology transfers and capital deployment. Angel investors will help unlock the potential of these startups, and enable the UAE to contribute to shaping the future of the global technology order,” he added.

The annual symposium intends to elevate a new class of Angel Investors by providing education on key topics related to Angel Investing, demystify the startup investing landscape, facilitate conversation among community and industry leaders, and ultimately enable and inspire more investors to fuel greater innovation in the UAE and beyond.

Open to the public, the symposium is free to attend; prior registration is required.

Source: WAM

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