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Trump’s intention to attend U.S. embassy inauguration in Jerusalem “flagrant violation”: Abbas advisor

Palestine said Saturday that the U.S. President Donald Trump’s intention to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new U.S. embassy building in Jerusalem next month is considered “a flagrant violation.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Foreign Affairs advisor Nabil Shaath said that Trump has committed “grave mistakes during his tenure with regards to the Palestinian cause in issues of Jerusalem, refugees, the Palestinian state and the rights of the Palestinian people.”

He told the official Palestinian radio station Voice of Palestine that those mistakes “have disqualified and ended the unilateral U.S. role in the peace process with Israel since 1991.”

He reiterated that the United States must act inaccordance with an international multilateral framework that is committed to the UN Charter and international law, otherwise “there would be not real role for the United States in any coming peace process.”

Shaath also said the changes of the world power balance has led to the ending of the U.S. role, as “Washington is no longer the ruler of the world and that there are European, Russian, Chinese, Indian and Brazilian powers that make up a multilateral framework.”

Trump said Friday that he “may go” to U.S. embassy in Jerusalem opening scheduled as Israel marks May 14, 70th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence.

Palestinians have designated May 15, the day after Israeli independence, as the Nakba Day, or “Day of the Catastrophe.”

Source: Xinhua

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