This source of funding
for the whole agenda
of keeping us all divided
in any way possible,
is massive.
And I do not mean credit.
I mean cash;
US paper dollars for the most part,
which pay for all the dirty work being done.
The cash paper money in our wallets
and “under our pillow”
is nothing compared to IT
“hiding under our bed at night”.

IT does affect our credit though
by hiding out or disappearing for a while
in The Dark Realms,
and then coming back,
every certain number of years,
to eat up
our hard earned real wealth which we,
The Workers, create or build.
And oh yes,
this does affect the kids,
just like in the movie.

IT is very deceiving
just like Pennywise, the clown.

To find this cash, and Pennywise
you can follow the little PAPER boat;
or the secret Evil magic device
of The Shipping Empire.
But beware,
Vikings guard IT.

Trump has stated his agenda
to “beat The Elite”,
(he has stated this in front of 1000s of witnesses)
which is manipulating our market conditions
right under our noses
with cash paper money,
mostly US paper dollars.
(and this is why he wants to beat them. He doesn’t want our markets unfairly manipulated)

Before IT comes back again
we must be able to defend ourselves
and we must build
clever robust infrastructure
which will be able to handle
the very large investment
which will come from IT’s power;
cash, US paper dollars for the most part,
so that the clown Pennywise
will come back
in peace.
(see the promotional poster
which shows a hand reaching out from the darkness
holding two red balloons
in a CLOSED hand;
the shape of a peace sign.
Now that poster has been changed to show an OPEN hand
holding two balloons. There are two versions.
Like there are two versions of the news)

President Trump,
and the other new leaders,
are working on preparing for IT’s return now.
Their Final Blow,
in order to return IT’s power (cash) to The Workers,
including President Trump,
and to assure that IT comes back
happy and peaceful ( which IT wants )
is to declare demurrage on money;
US dollars to begin with.
Even The Fed is nudging President Trump to go ahead.

But do the people understand how IT works.
Or are they so scared
that nothing makes sense any more.

But the children?
That’s a different story;

I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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