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The Return of Sufism to the UAE

By Haytham Mouzahem* The past two decades have witnessed a reemergence of Sufism in the Gulf states. The phenomenon may be understood, in part, as a reaction to the extremism of “Salafi jihadism”: Gulf states opposed to the extremist strand have begun to welcome Sufi scholars from other Muslim countries …

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Valentine’s Day and the Need for Sufism

By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem* — Last week, on Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia, prominent cleric Ahmed Qasim al-Ghamdi — a former director-general of the “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the kingdom’s “religious police” — made a remarkable statement. He opined that Valentine’s Day is a …

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Dozens killed in Egypt mosque attack

Militants bombed a Sufi mosque and fired on worshippers in the volatile Sinai Peninsula during Friday prayers, Egyptian officials said, killing at least 85 people in what appeared to be the latest attack by the area’s ISIS affiliate. The extremists attacked the al-Rawdah mosque in the town of Bir al-Abd, 25 miles …

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The meaning of being a Sufi

The Levant Exclusive – By Khaled Mohammed Abdou* – The Sufi: The traveller in the way of love To be human first and before anything, to realise the meaning of “within you the big world exists”. To remember that no matter how high or low, awake or heedless, forgetful or …

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Sufism in UAE: A short history

THE LEVANT – By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem – There are few sources that talk about the history of mysticism in the Arab Gulf states and particularly in the United Arab Emirates. G.G. Lorimer, who is considered one of the best historians and geographers that described the Arabian Gulf at the …

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Behind the Dervishes

  A journey into the world of Turkey’s famous yet mysterious whirling dervishes, learning more about Sufism along the way By: Samantha North for Time Out   Many visitors to Istanbul have seen the famous whirling dervishes conducting rituals in Sultanahmet or Galata. A stunning spectacle, the dervishes transport the viewer …

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