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White House attacks legacies of both Bush presidents after reports that they refused to vote for Trump

The White House on Saturday disparaged the legacies of the only two living Republican presidents to precede Donald Trump, after reports that both men castigated Trump in interviews last year and refused to vote for him. Former president George H.W. Bush mocked then-candidate Trump as a “blowhard” and voted for a Democratic president, while the younger Bush …

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President Trump

by Graham E. Fuller* — The very words hit the ear as a shock; the mind is not ready for it. And that is exactly the problem. We could not see it coming. Among other things this tawdry and interminable election represents a massive American intelligence failure. Not failure of …

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World in shock as Trump surges to victory in U.S.

By Noah Barkin for Reuters |BERLIN |Governments from Asia to Europe reacted with stunned disbelief on Wednesday to the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, while populists hailed the result as a triumph of the people over a failed political establishment. German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, an …

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Neocons declare war on Trump

Prominent Republican hawks are debating whether to hold their noses and vote for Clinton instead. By MICHAEL CROWLEY for POLITICO — Donald Trump calls the Iraq War a lie-fueled fiasco, admires Vladimir Putin and says he would be a “neutral” arbiter between Israel and the Palestinians. When it comes to …

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