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Lebanese Protests Continue

A protester holds a ball to be thrown towards a blocked street leading to the parliament building, where the third session of the national dialogue talks aimed at discussing ways out of a political crisis is taking place, in downtown Beirut, Lebanon Sept. 22, 2015.  

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A Call For Sustainable Solutions To Lebanon

The Levant – – More than 1,000 people marched Sunday from the eastern Beirut suburb of Burj Hammoud to the capital’s Central District in a largely peaceful demonstration against Lebanon’s political elite and to call for sustainable solutions to the country’s two-month-old garbage crisis. Source: Dailystar

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Violent clashes in Al Jawf claim lives

THE LEVANT – At least 50 people were killed in clashes between Yemeni soldiers affiliated to Al Islah – Yemen’ Sunni radical faction – and Houthi militants in the northern province of Al Jawf, after Houthi positions were challenged in the area. While the Houthis have worked to cut off …

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Yemen protests fuel prizes

THE LEVANT – Tens of thousands of supporters of Yemen’s Shiite rebels took to Sanaa’s streets on Monday demanding the government’s ouster over its decision to hike fuel prices. “The people want to overthrow the corrupt government,” the demonstrators chanted as they marched to central Sanaa from Change Square, the epicentre …

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