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The Never-Ending Extravaganza

by Graham E. Fuller*– It had been an exhausting, interminable 18-20 months of presidential campaigning during which much of the business of thoughtful American governance had to yield space to the riveting follies of politics. Yet most other countries in the world, not locked into dictators or kings for life, …

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Glimmers of a Future in Iraq?

by Graham E. Fuller*– Iraqi politics are in turmoil—nothing new here. Not surprisingly, the post-invasion order is taking a long time to shake down, given the destruction of the old. Entirely new relationships had to be forged under the new, radically changed environment. What Iraq requires above all is the …

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The Value of Reading Propaganda

The Levant News — by Graham E. Fuller — All countries do it—promoting their own societies in ideal terms in order to influence others. The US devotes a huge amount of time and money to selling its self-image and a view of the world as seen through American eyes—and perhaps …

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Refugees and Responsibilities

The Levant News – by Graham E. Fuller  — The picture last week of the little Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi dead on the beach in Turkey is one of those iconic pictures whose intense human face forces deeper reflection, especially upon publics for whom distant tragedies tend to be statistics rather …

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Gay Marriage and Western Muslims

THE LEVANT NEWS — By Graham E. Fuller – Source: grahamefuller.com–  Human sexuality has always been a deeply controversial social issue in all societies. So is religion. Put them together and you have a powerful emotional brew. The US Supreme Court ruling this week legalizing gay marriage poses a new challenge …

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Can Turkey Survive Erdoğan?

by Graham E. Fuller Source: grahamefuller.com– On 7 June Turkey’s democratic system will be deeply tested in a fateful parliamentary election; at stake is preservation of rule of law and liberal democracy against an increasingly authoritarian-minded President. Bottom line: if President Erdoğan’s AKP party is able to win big, the …

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