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American sanctions: A war strategy

By Sara Safa “International sanctions” is a new term in international politics and a new strategy or political instrument that came more operational in the early 1970’s after US withdrawal from the Vietnam war amid several challenges and a real economic pressure that the US had to face especially after …

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Brexit may never happen – Sir Vince Cable

Sir Vince Cable – the likely next Lib Dem leader – says he is “beginning to think Brexit may never happen”. He said “enormous” divisions in the Labour and the Tory parties and a “deteriorating” economy would make people think again. “People will realise that we didn’t vote to be …

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Belgium at the epicenter of the war for Europe

By John Lloyd for REUTERS — A police helicopter hovers over Brussels’ rooftops following bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2016. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann – RTSBQZ6 A police helicopter hovers over Brussels’ rooftops following bomb attacks in the Belgian city, March 22, 2016. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann With every bloody episode that …

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Iraqis Ditch Fight Against Islamic State For Life In Europe

The Levant- – Some Iraqi soldiers are abandoning their posts and joining a wave of civilian migrants headed to Europe, raising new doubts about the cohesion of the country’s Western-backed security forces in the fight against ISIS militants.   Interviews with migrants and an analysis of social media activity show scores …

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Croatia ‘Forcing’ Hungary To Take In Migrants

The Levant – – More than 20,000 migrants, have streamed into Croatia since Hungary on Tuesday barred their route to the European Union through its southern border with Serbia with a metal fence, tear gas and water cannon. Croatia said on Saturday it had “forced” Hungary to take in thousands of …

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