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Israeli police detain billionaire Beny Steinmetz

Beny Steinmetz, the mining billionaire, was among five men detained by Israeli police for questioning on Monday in connection with an international probe into alleged fraud and money laundering. The four other people arrested included David Granot, the acting chairman of Bezeq, a leading Israeli telecoms and pay-TV company, and …

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Former Israeli PM Olmert released from prison

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, 71, was released on parole on Sunday from a prison in Ramle, near Tel Aviv, after serving 16 months in jail for corruption. Olmert was found guilty in 2014 of accepting bribes from real estate developers when he was Jerusalem’s mayor, before his 2006-09 …

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Just how much can Lebanon change under Aoun?

By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem* — Following the election of Gen. Michel Aoun as president of the Lebanese Republic on Oct. 31 and the appointment of Saad Hariri as prime minister on Nov. 3, the two men will face numerous challenges, starting with forming a national government. Hariri is seeking to …

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Democracy, the “Great Debates,” and China

by Graham E. Fuller — The “Great Debates” between candidates Clinton and Trump encapsulate what is wrong with the US political process. There’s been little substance; it’s all about personalities and sound-bytes and gotcha. Never mind the grand issues of our time and how they should be handled—income inequality, corporate …

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President Gül bows out under pressure

THE LEVANT – Faced with a smear campaign aimed at discrediting him, outgoing President Abdullah Gül has bowed to the pressure from circles close to President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and has withdrawn invitations to an upcoming reception that were extended to independent journalists who are critical of the government. Gül’s …

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