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Ashura rituals stir controversy among Shiites

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem* — Each year, as they commemorate Ashura, the Shiites debate whether certain rituals are permissible. Some of those rituals are violent, such as Tatbir and hitting oneself with chains practices that harm one’s body and distort the revolution and objectives of Imam …

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Lebanon foils two ISIS-planned attacks

BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army says it has foiled two terror attacks that ISIS was planning to carry out at a tourist site as well as a crowded residential area. The army’s announcement comes on the wake of a series of suicide bombings in the country’s northeastern border village of Al-Qaa …

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A Call For Sustainable Solutions To Lebanon

The Levant – – More than 1,000 people marched Sunday from the eastern Beirut suburb of Burj Hammoud to the capital’s Central District in a largely peaceful demonstration against Lebanon’s political elite and to call for sustainable solutions to the country’s two-month-old garbage crisis. Source: Dailystar

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Russian Ambassador in Lebanon: Hezbollah’s Fighting Alongside Syrian Government Forces Is Legitimate

The Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin - The Russian embassy is one of 113 foreign representations in Lebanon, and one of 102 foreign representations in Beirut.

The Levant – – Where it is fighting alongside government forces, Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian conflict is legitimate, Russian ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said in comments published on Tuesday. “The party (Hezbollah) will remain engaged in the fight to aid the legitimate regime as long as fighters from …

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