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Ashura rituals stir controversy among Shiites

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem* — Each year, as they commemorate Ashura, the Shiites debate whether certain rituals are permissible. Some of those rituals are violent, such as Tatbir and hitting oneself with chains practices that harm one’s body and distort the revolution and objectives of Imam …

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Lebanon: Questioning Yaacoub for his “involvement” in Hannibal Gadhafi kidnapping

THE LEVANT NEWS — BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch Saturday referred former Lebanese MP Hasan Yaacoub to Mount Lebanon’s First Investigative Judge Jean Fernini for his alleged involvement in last week’s Hannibal Gadhafi kidnapping, the state-run National News Agency reported Saturday. The security agency wrapped up investigations with …

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