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TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY JOSE MIGUEL CALATAYUD A picture taken on April 15, 2013 shows a Syrian man in the Al Raqqa countryside, who until three months ago was a farmer, pouring crude oil brought from Deir Ezzor province into a pit where it will be distilled as part of the refining process to produce fuel. Final products such as benzine and diesel are then sold to locals. Deir Ezzor contains the largest energy reserves in Syria, which produced some 420,000 of barrels of oil a day before the United States and the European Union banned the import of Syrian petroleum in 2011. AFP PHOTO/ALICE MARTINS (Photo credit should read ALICE Martins/AFP/Getty Images)

Syrian government troops regain control over oil and gas fields south of Raqqa – TV

The Syrian government army and self-defense units have driven Islamic State (a terrorist group outlawed in Russia) militants from gas fields in al-Hala and Zamla south of Raqqa (520 kilometers away from Damascus), Suriya television said on Sunday citing a spokesman for the Syrian army command.

According to Suriya, after fierce fighting the Syrian army regained control over these gas fields, 12 oil wells of the Al Fahd field and an oil pumping station.

In June, government forces regained control over Al-Sawra and Al Habbari oil fields south of the Euphrates, liberated the city of Resafa (ancient Sergiopolis) 30 kilometers off Raqqa and gained control over the Atrari section of a highway linking Raqqa with the Hama and Homs Governorates. More than 20 farms and settlements were liberated from Islamic State terrorists.

Source: TASS

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