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Syrian army regains control of villages in Hama Countryside

THE LEVANT – The Syrian Arab Army successfully captured the Sharaya Hill  and Ranch near the Hama Military Airport, forcing Islamic Front militants to retreat north. This area was previously used by the Islamic Front to launch attacks near the airport; its capture allows for the Syrian Arab Army to begin a counter-offensive in northern Hama.

In conjunction with the success at Sharaya Hill, the SAA successfully liberated the village of Arzeh from Jabhat Al-Qahbat militants today, after one week of heavy firefights. Arzeh is located in the Hama District, approximately 20 KM from the provincial capital.

The Syrian Arab Army has advanced in the villages of Bateesh and Khattab in the Hama countryside, with violent clashes still ongoing. If the Syrian Arab Army captures Khattab, they can flank Jabhat Al-Nusra positions at Halfaya near Mhardeh. The village of Bateesh neighbors Mhardeh; if the SAA can recapture the checkpoint there, it can break the siege of the town.

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