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Suspected US drone kills ISIS figure in Syria: activists

BEIRUT: A drone strike as part of a U.S.-led campaign against ISISmilitants killed a senior figure from the hardline group in its Syrian stronghold Raqqa city, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group said Wednesday.

The strike killed an Uzbek leader of the group involved in security as he sat in a car outside a downtown hotel, the Observatory said.

ISIS has attracted foreign fighters from across the world to fight in its self-declared caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq. It has named Raqqa its defacto capital.

The United States says it has intensified an aerial campaign against ISIS in Syria with a wave of strikes in and around Raqqa city.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday heavy bombardment during the weekend that also included destroying bridges over waterways in the city, which is bordered to the south by the Euphrates river, aimed at further eroding the militants’ capabilities.

Source: Reuters

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