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Victims of Iraqi Chemical attack on the Kurdish Halabja city, Iraq

Repercussions of Chemical Weapons Use During the Iran-Iraq War on the Iranian Foreign Policy Perspective


THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – by G. Beatrice Maneshi —


The recent announcement of a nuclear framework agreement between the E3+3 and the Islamic Republic of Iran has cracked open the longstanding closed door of international negotiation between Iran and the international community on matters of security. Current negotiations stand to break down the largest economic and militaristic isolation model that has existed in the 21st century in pursuit of eliminating the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, and at the same time re-engaging one of the most influential States in the region. The long and difficult work of breaking down the partially self-inflicted isolation barrier around the Islamic Republic of Iran requires both the global community, business people and policy makers to the review and understand the Iranians past interactions with the international arena in order to understand the future of the Islamic Republics policy making goals and objectives. One of the most significant events in Iranian history that has shaped both the citizen and the policymaking apparatus perspective on foreign policy is the international community’s lack of response to chemical weapons use during the Iran-Iraq War.

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G.B.Maneshi-Years After the Mustard-Gas

About the author:

Beatrice Maneshi is an Investigative Contractor Analyst and researcher who specializes in International policy and law on security, WMD issues, international trade controls and finance. She obtained her Master of Arts in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.


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