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Prince of “Al-Nusra Front” killed in the Syrian Coast

The Levant News Exclusive -Damascus- Sources confirmed, the Saudi Prince of “Al-Nusra Front”, Abdul Mohsen Al-Sharekh, nicknamed “Sanafi al-Nasr”, was killed  in the Syrian coast in a Night raid, Carried out by a drone targeting one of al-Nusra’s cars in the city of Dana, countryside of Idlib, yesterday.

“Sanafi al-Nasr,” is one of the most prominent leaders of al-Qaeda, sent by al-Zawahiri from Afghanistan to Syria, two years ago.


Sources declared the death of “Yassin al-Muhajer” and “Abu Yasser al-Maghribi” leaders of the “front” during the raid.


Translated and Edited by Diana Kasem

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