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Men are arrested in connection with Diyala massacre

THE LEVANT – Three suspects in the  Musa’ab Bin ‘Umayr Mosque Massacre have been arrested by Iraqi Security Forces in the Diyala Province. The three suspects were members of the Al-Zarkoushi Tribe in Diyala, the same family that was targeted by a roadside bomb prior to the massacre. It is estimated that up to 60 Sunni civilians were killed in the massacre, as sectarian tensions continue to rise in Iraq.

A series of terrorist attacks continued in Baghdad, bringing the death toll to 58 civilians in 7 days. Yesterday, 15 civilians were killed in a Shia neighborhood, when two car bombs were detonated in the Iraqi capital, leaving another 30 people in critical condition.

At the city of Ramadi, the Iraqi Army and local tribes continued to push west into the heart of the town, where the Islamic State has fortified their positions. Battles are intensifying, with the Islamic State not willing to concede any parcel of territory to the Iraqi Army.

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