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The Meeting between Abraxas and Angel NicGillicuddy

By Russell Morris


An open letter
to William Crowdy of The White House in Washington DC:

Dear Mr. Crowdy,
I am very grateful to you
for receiving my first correspondence
with President Trump
almost three years ago.
Thank you.

When i investigated your name
i was inspired to somehow
make you a part
of my story

when i searched
William Saunders Crowdy
with my name
i met with
Isaac M. Wise.

i have begun
making arrangements
to visit The Beast,
at his castle
in Prague CR.
And with me, thanks to you,
i will have one more key (word)
which will allow me
to pass through The Money Gate,
where i am sure
Abraxas is waiting for me.

Angel NicGillicuddy

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