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Lebanon: MP Michel Murr proposes Burj Hammoud recycling plant

THE LEVANT NEWS — BEIRUT: Lebanese MP Michel Murr proposed constructing a recycling plant in Burj Hammoud, at Metn of Mount Lebanon district, Monday to help solve the trash crisis.

“The proposed plot of land, on which we have suggested opening a recycling plant, has nothing to do with the existing dump in Burj Hammoud,” Murr clarified, explaining that the two locations were different.

Murr spoke during a news conference after meeting a delegation of mayors from the Mount Lebanon Metn district, to which Burj Hammoud belongs.

Murr added that telecom revenues, about $2 billion annually that are supposed to be given to municipalities, would be enough to finance Metn’s waste management needs. The region, he said, produces 1,000 tons of trash daily.

“The 2014 revenues are enough, and when needed, we will look into the 2015 revenues,” Murr said.

He said that the recycling plant, if inaugurated, will take six months to construct. In the meantime municipalities should agree on locations outside the district to be used as temporary landfills.

Source: The Daily Star

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