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Islamic World Peace Forum calls for punishment of Israel

THE LEVANT – The Islamic World Peace Forum in its recent statement has called for prosecution and punishment of the Zionist criminals for their atrocities the the defenseless people of Gaza.

The IWPF referred to the Zionists crimes in Gaza as a stark violation of principles of human and humanitarian rights.


The statement added that punishing the Zionist criminals is an effective mechanism to maintain peace and justice worldwide and stop continuation of war crimes in future.

Referring to the present situation in Gaza as a serious threat to regional peace and security, the IWPF regretted lack of an appropriate action by international bodies, the United Nations in particular, to halt Zionists atrocities.

The forum also called for issuing an international warrant against authorities of the Zionist regime to please world public opinion and families of the victims in Gaza and also to put an end to Zionist officials impunity.

Tel Aviv attacks on Gazans have, so far, left over 1000 dead and thousands of injured who are mostly women and children.

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