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Iran issues warning to US Navy vessel

An Iranian commander issued a warning to an American Navy ship after it changed course and approached Iranian vessels.

Iranian Navy’s Falakhen missile boat, while saving an Iranian fishing vessel which was sinking in Persian Gulf waters due to a technical issue with the engine, issued a warning message to a US Navy ship.

According to the Navy’s Public Relations Department, a fishing boat named Shams, which was stationed 45 miles from the coast of Jask port for an engine test, was hit by technical breakdown as sought help from the Iranian Army’s Navy. Upon receiving a request for assistance from troubled vessel, the 2nd Velayat Naval Region deployed Falakhen missile boat for rescue operations in order to prevent further injuries to the fishing ship.

It is worth noting that, in the course of the rescue operation, a US Navy ship which was approaching the position of the fishing boat, received warning from Falakhen and was forced to leave the area.

Source: Mehr

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