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European Council

EU keeps its sanctions against Russia

THE LEVANT – After the recent meeting of the members of European Council and discussion of the sanctions issues, European Union has taken decision to leave the restrictive economic and political sanctions imposed against Russia without any changes.

“Members of European Council and Ambassadors of EU have discussed an impact of sanctions against Russian Federation and the current situation in Ukraine. Permanent representatives in European Council have analyzed the situation and made a conclusion as a result of the talks that there are currently no conditions and reasons to lift the earlier imposed sanctions against Russia,” stated a source in European Council.

It was reported earlier that EU politician and officials were considering the possibility of easing sanctions against Russia since the end of October in case if Russia will demonstrate its total readiness to deescalate situation in Eastern Ukraine and will stop supporting of the pro-Russian terrorists. But Russia didn’t show any significant progress, so EU officials decided not to make any changes in their current sanctions policies regarding Russian Federation.


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