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Dubai Foundation for Women and Children recieves German team

A German delegation has visited the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, DFWAC, to learn about the foundation’s efforts to protect victims of violence and human trafficking. The delegation was headed by Hanne Safren, Political and Protocol Advisor at the Embassy of Germany to the UAE.

The foundation is the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE for victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. It was opened in July 2007 to offer victims immediate protection and support services, in accordance with international human rights obligations.

The delegation toured the foundation’s main facilities, during which they learned about the new children’s shelter, as well as the care and rehabilitation department, modern treatment facilities, as well as DFWAC’s call centre and vocational training workshops.

During the tour, Afra Al Basti, DFWAC Director-General, noted that the Foundation provides shelter, care and support services for all victims of violence and human trafficking, regardless of nationality, in the Emirate of Dubai, and also transfers cases from other Emirates to centres in the other emirates.

She also explained that women and children’s welfare is a top priority for the UAE government and it’s leadership, who offer support to the causes related to these groups, to make the UAE the best environment for raising children and a pioneering model for empowering women and ensuring gender equality.

A 2018 report on human trafficking by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, revealed that 70 percent of trafficking victims worldwide are female, of which almost half are adult women, while girls comprise one-fifth of all victims.

Source: WAM

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